Our highly trained security professionals can handle wide range of security situations and threats, ensuring that your people, facilities, and assets are effectively secured, thanks to their unrivalled cross-industry knowledge and expertise.

ChooseOX Support Services Security if you want committed, devoted, and customer-focused security firm that can respond quickly and effectively to security breaches.

Retail Security

OX SSL offers a professional team of retail security guards with years of expertise working with supermarkets and well-known businesses.
When shoplifting or other suspicious activity occurs, you can rest assured that the incident will be handled immediately and efficiently to ensure that your customers and retail business suffer minimal disturbance.
To keep your surroundings and stock secure, we may also provide dual role responsibilities such as fire safety and first aid, emergency preparation, and evacuation protocols.

Manned Guarding

As a leading provider of manned guarding, OX SSL offer trained, experienced, fully SIA licensed security officers to a wide range of sites from schools and colleges to factories and warehouses.

 Manned guarding lowers the danger of theft and damage, lowers insurance costs, and alerts our guards if an arson attack or similar incident occurs outside of work hours.

Gatehouse Security

It’s fantastic proactive security solution that ensures your assets are safeguarded and your insurance coverage is not jeopardised. 
Our goal is to prevent damage, disturbance, and theft, as well as to safeguard people from harm.

Mobile Patrol

You may require protection that extends beyond a set site for larger establishments such as shopping malls and retail parks. That’s where our trained mobile security guards come in, providing all-encompassing coverage to safeguard your property’s safety.

Our mobile guards provide an effective deterrent as well as a quick and effective response to any security breaches by being able to move about and monitor different areas, perform foot patrols, provide outdoor security, and operate our marked patrol vehicles.